Water Reservoirs

Water Reservoirs

A wide variety of reservoir built with galvanized metal structure, in HDP or in Polyesther, offer you a diverse range of solutions.Certified by the portuguese ANPC, Golden Fibra sells and installs water reservoirs as well for the Building Fire Prevention Systems.


Polyethylene Water Reservoirs

Golden Fibra has her own molds for these tanks assuring its quality. Certified for human consumption, they are made in HDP High Density Polyethylene. Perfect to support industrial activities as well. Available from 2.000 – 15.000 L.

Polyesther Water Reservoirs

The Polyesther Reservoirs are made by the filming or sheet process. Up to 3,00 m wide available in horizontal and vertical options. A great water storage solution for animal farming.

Metal Water Reservoirs

Large capacity metal reservoirs, made of steel plate, with the possibility of installation in various sectors such as agriculture, livestock, forestry and aquaculture.

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