Wastewater Treatment Plants


Domestic Wastewater

In domestic wastewater treatment plants, we have compact solutions for small flows, while larger flows are dimensioned on a case-by-case basis.


· Compact Equipment;
· National Production;
· Simple Installation and Easy Maintenance;
· Capacity for subsequent installation of a tertiary process for the reuse of the effluent.


Industrial Waste Water

In the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants, we have a specialised technical team which, depending on the type of industry and the purpose of the final effluent, designs the size of each case and monitors the process from the design stage to the end of the work.


· Effluent tests "in situ" at the customer's premises (UMTAR);
· Sizing to the customer's real needs;
· Follow-up by a specialised team;
· Solutions with a view to reusing the final effluent.